Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week Three: Sweet, Sweet Victory

As Peter King pointed out, Ohio and Missouri (Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis and Kansas City) are 0-12. I'm glad we're not in that bunch.

Carolina is one of those teams it's hard to measure against. We've had games where we make their QB look like a hall-of-famer. Luckily, this time we generated a little pressure and came up with a few big plays. A few parts of our defense are starting to generate serious results. I'm happy to see:
  • Allen earning his pay,
  • Winfield bringing the excitement and,
  • Henderson like just the way his high school (or college) coach described him, the cheetah making his attack on the unsuspecting giraffe from a National Geographic special. "Sadly, there can be but one outcome..."
Skol Vikes!