Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week One: The Best With What We Have

So having our team engaged in the season opener at Lambeau Field on a crisp Monday Night, with...

  • Udeze out for the year, battling his cancerous foe, and leaving a significant deficit on the defensive right end,
  • Farwell out for the year, taking a special teams leader and MVP out of the picture,
  • Madieu Williams out for a few weeks, nursing a mysterious neck injury, replacing a significant off-season upgrade with rookies,
  • McKinnie being McKinnie, replacing a 370-pound dude that our quarterback was getting use to with a carousel of backups

We still came within one minute and one touchdown from knocking off the 13-3 division champs at *their* home, for the first time since November 2005.

I can live with that.