Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peter King's a Football Fan and the Vikings Look Okay After 2 Games

Today I read Peter King's article, Monday Morning Quarterback. He does a great job of reporting his view. Today he covered Brett Favre's first game as a Jet and had 5 responses to this fan about a preseason game:
From Patrick Alexander, of Chicago: "Not a Jets fan, but even if my team lined up Jesus, Confucious, Lao Tsu, Moses and Mohammed, I wouldn't show up to a lame preseason game.''
Okay. Here are my five responses:
  1. I love the anger and the bitterness and the raw feelings. Shows you all care, which I appreciate, and I do appreciate your heavy response.
  2. Let's say in four years, when Kobe Bryant is considered one of the 10 best players of all time, he migrates to the Knicks in free agency, and the Knicks play their opening exhibition game at Madison Square Garden against the Wizards. You think there'd be an empty seat in the house? Dream on. That's what this is. Brett Favre, the legend, playing his first game outside of Green Bay after being the sole focus of the sports world for three weeks. I don't care if he plays 14 snaps -- which he did -- or 40. If you're a real Jets fan, and you've got tickets, and you're not out of town, you'd be there.
  3. The fans aren't doling out extra money to see this game. They've already paid for the tickets. We're talking about 45,000 season-ticket-holders who chose not to come to the game. They chose to say, "We'll stay home rather than experience one of the great moments in the recent history of our franchise.'' Sorry. I've got a problem with that.
  4. And to Steve, the season-ticket-holder from Long Island: It is a crime that you have to pay regular-season prices for these fraudulent games. You are being abused. I sympathize with you. But you've paid for the year, right? The tickets are in your possession, right? You've sat through so dismal days in the Meadowlands in recent years, right? I guess my question is: What's your level of devotion to this team, really, if you won't give up half of a Saturday to see Brett Favre quarterback your team on your home field with tickets you've already paid for, even if it's only for two series? Sorry. I don't get it.
  5. I take nothing back.
I love Peter's passion. It's something I don't see from "professionals". I can think of very few who show us they care about the sports they cover. I think of Kevin Harlan and the Viking's play-by-play Paul Allen. I, too, enjoy preseason games. Now I don't like the price because - let's face it - this is not the same as a regular season game. I can see paying to go to cover all those who don't make it but not full price. After all, those vying and trying for a roster spot are not getting regular season money. But I love the passion.

After Two Viking Preseason Games, Hope Lives

I believe in now. Preseason games are hard to gauge. I like to look at the players fighting for a chance, not the score. With that in mind, I think the lopsided score in game 1 should be ignored. That second half showed more of what the Seahawks can do, not what the Vikings cannot. I think the Vikings have a lot to look at and can learn so much from that game. The second game was equally useful in getting true game effort. I have extensive notes for both games but I won't bore you with them. Needless to say, I watched both games and watched the players, the effort, but not really the score.

What's your take? Who's your favorite fan professional?