Friday, March 6, 2009

Houston, We've Had a Quarterback Problem

I know. It's easy to take a cheap shot but the Vikings really have earned it. I have to use a a line from history by John Swigert, Jr. and James Lovell which was made more famous by the movie Apollo 13. It's true. Houston, we've had a problem.

For some reason, Houston is willing to help the Vikes. Now, the QB problem has changed. After seeing the playoff game the answer the Vikings have found is not what I'm imagining: we cut Gus Frerotte and use a 2009 fourth-round draft choice to pick up Houston Texans' Sage Rosenfels? Really?

This move confounds me! Why are the Vikes so quick to snatch up Sage? I'm completely baffled because while the Vikings threw a pebble into the off-season chatter, Kansas City swiped QB Matt Cassel and all-purpose LB Mike Vrabel from the Patriots for a second-round pick. this April, the 34th overall selection. I know the Vikings do not need a linebacker but the Chiefs/Patriots trade creates two questions:
1. Could the Vikings have made that deal trading away their first round pick (#22)?
2. What will the Chiefs do with last year's QB Tyler Thigpen?

I bring up both questions because I think Cassel and Thigpen are both younger upgrades that make sense if you're going to bring in a backup-caliber quarterback. I'd keep Gus for the experience and coaching and bring in a younger QB. Did Minnesota really need a different veteran quarterback? Do you know what you're getting with Sage? Why is Houston willing to part with him? I think I know why. I think everyone knows what Cassel did in New England. They missed the playoffs barely losing a tiebreaker while putting together a solid 11-5 season. Meanwhile, Thigpen is a solid quarterback. I watched him last year and though the Chiefs were lousy, he put up solid numbers. If he's available, he's worth a try. Isn't he?

I don't know why this quarterback roulette continues but it sure is getting old. It's puzzling that a franchise famous for Fran Tarkenton is now trying backup after backup to fill a starting job. From what I see, they have not learned a thing.

Maybe there's more planned but until then, the Vikings still have a quarterback problem and this leaves the team floating in space, unable to "touchdown."

Bleed on,