Friday, March 6, 2009

No Surprise - Jared Allen Serves on USO Tour

I don't have a history with Jared Allen. He became known to me on the day the Vikings 'drafted' him by trading their first round draft pick for him. In 2008, he was a rock star for the Vikings, impressed everyone, and made the Vikings look very smart for getting him.

I think he's been a great addition to the Purple. He had a Pro Bowl Season and now I see he's having a Pro Bowl off-season, too! Today, I received my NFL newsletter. And guess who is in the picture I saw with the "USO Tour blog: After long trip, NFL stars arrive in Kuwait." heading?

Jared Allen on USO Trip

Yep, it's Mister Motor and it's no surprise that he's in Kuwait supporting our troops. It's great to see a Viking doing great things all year long. Check out the story and when you see Jared, tell him thanks! Thanks, Jared!

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