Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vikings Gamble Again at Draft

And why shouldn't they gamble? They spin and they win. Since yesterday's pick was a wide receiver, I'm sure we will hear many comparisons to Randy Moss. But you do not have to go back to 1998 to see a winning pick. When the Vikings selected Adrian Peterson, they gambled and won. And based on the number 296, they won big. Choosing Peterson worked.

Because they do win, the Vikings continue to gamble with Percy Harvin, a 'troubled' wide receiver from Florida with immense potential. Can you blame the Vikings? They are able to make it when other teams fail.

Somehow, the Vikings make it work while other teams struggle. The Vikings have spun the wheel and won with Moss, Culpepper, and Peterson. Those are the first three names that instantly come to mind. Whatever the Vikings do, other teams cannot replicate. After Minnesota, Moss & Culpepper moved on to failure and success. Moss couldn't integrate in Oakland and Culpepper couldn't establish himself in Miami. Before leaving Minnesota both were all-stars.

Sorry, like their careers, I wandered. Let's get back to the point: the NFL draft. When the offseason started, the Vikings had to address quarterback and wide receiver. With Rosenfels and Harvin, the Vikings have made moves (I don't think addressed them but have made an effort). With the big needs addressed, the Vikings were able to continue. With the rest of the seven (7) rounds, the Vikings moved their focus to defensive by drafting these players:
Loadholt, Phil OL 6'8" 332 Oklahoma
Allen, Asher CB 5'10" 194 Georgia
Japer Brinkley ILB 6'2" 252 South Carolina
Sanford, Jamarca FS 5'10" 214 Mississippi

I don't know much about them yet, but I'll learn and like you, I'll see what's next.

Bleed on,
Don Ackerman