Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Say Neaux to Favre

Vikings, it's time to say neaux (no) to retired quarterback Brett Favre.

I understand that you might feel the need to improve your quarterback situation but, enough is enough. I completely understand what the New York Jets did last year. But it's not last year. Getting Favre gave the Jets fans hope, sold tickets, sold shirts and jerseys, and showed the players that the Jets management could go for it. All that for a 4th round pick and some money.

Well, it didn't exactly work out. The Jets made a run during the regular season but fell short of the playoffs. Oddly enough, the Vikings, who are acting like they are more desperate than those Jets, had a better year.

I understand those who say that it's time to get a solid quarterback for this team. That is the one missing piece. But Brett Favre is not that piece. Why should things work out better for the Vikings than the Jets? Brett Favre can carry his team but he can also sabotage his team. He is not a mistake-free quarterback. Honestly, the Vikings do not need to take the risk. The current team is very good. Yes, winning requires getting through the window of opportunity. I don't think the window is so small that you need a Favre-crowbar to keep it open. I don't think the current quarterbacks are enough but don't see the need to the Vikings' desperate cry 4 help.

I read Adrian Peterson likes his passion, his leadership. I agree but will say all day long that this is not the time. Brett wants to retire, I say respect his wishes and move on. There are other quarterbacks out there. Go find another person. Bon voyage and good luck!

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