Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Era for Vikings? Nope, It's Game On for AD!

Yesterday the Vikings went to Cleveland and returned home with a solid 34-20 victory. Some may call this the first game of the Brett Farve era. Others might call this the first game of the Percy Harvin era.

Adrian Peterson made it clear that this is neither. This is another year in the Adrian Peterson era. Yes, Adrian Peterson, the man known as All-Day and AD because he can do it all day, gained 180 yards. My daughter summed up his yardage best calling it "one hundred A D" (eigh-ty). He carried the ball 25 times and carried the Vikings to victory.

If you missed it - don't delay - get to now! His 64-yard touchdown was the best play of his career because of how impossible it was. AD's highlights are online at this location:

If you're still here, share your thoughts on game 1 of 2009. Is it another AD era? Is #4 leading the Vikes to 44?