Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vikings Stay on Track Versus Detroit

Today, the Lions jumped out to a 10 to 0 lead over the Vikings. This provided a little surprise to score-watcher (ticker-lookers?) but the Vikings were not fazed. To some degree, it was like a car in Winter: it look a little to warm up.

And the Vikings did. With 27 answered and umatched points, the Vikings rallied back from a deficit to dominate the Lions.

All numbers aside, let's focus on 2: Two and Zero. While the Packers were watching Ocho Cinco perform a Lambeau Leap (commentary - A Packer fan motioned an obscenity so his hand is being blurred out. I think the media should blur out the entire idiot as he deserves no airtime), the Vikings were running over Detroit.

It's early but so far, the Vikings are right on schedule. Peterson continues to run well, Brett continues to develop and learn his teammates (an unimpressive 155 passing yards but an impressive 23 of 27 with 2 TDs), Percy Harvin gets the ball 7 times for a total of 55 yards and 1 touchdown, and the defense holds the Lions to 13 points. A nice tidy game.

Next, Minnesota hosts the 49ers who are also 2-0. This provides a nice solid test for the Vikings and a reason to cheer for the sold-out stadium full of fans.