Thursday, July 28, 2011

McNabbed - Here We Go Again...aka 1 More Year!

Wow! Donovan McNabb is going to be a Viking! Bye-bye old man Favre, it's time for new blood. Okay, not so new. ;)

Congrats to the Vikings for snagging the front page on day 1 of free agency!

I'm torn about this move. Sadly enough, on the same day Sidney Rice bolts for Seattle. Seattle is also unsettled on their quarterback (Hasselbeck is a Titan), but Rice will catch some money for his move. I guess I'd take the reported 18.5 Million, too!

So this leaves Minnesota in familiar territory. Oddly enough, it's a new head coach Leslie Frazier that we're reliving what happened with Brad Childress and Brett Favre.

This move is a very good sign. The Vikings are so close to contending and the QB is the final piece to the puzzle.

As long as this is the 1-year bridge to Ponder or whomever is next, I understand.

So here we go again!


SportsFan said...

Beth: And . . . dang it, Sydney Rice is gone to Seattle. I always liked his plays but it seemed like he was faking injuries. (He should've been a soccer player!!)

bleedpurpleguy said...

Agreed, Don. I'm okay with the move - for now. Hopefully the offensive line can offer enough protection this year.