Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Just The Browns

Oh, man. These are the weeks I dread.

There are games I expect the Vikings come out and play hard. The outcome of those games normally comes down to a handful of plays (or calls) and can go either way.

There are games I expect the Vikings to try their best, but are unable to achieve victory. The outcome of these games seems easy to foresee, because we are out-coached or the players are out-matched.

And then there are the games I expect the Vikings to destroy the opponent. It shouldn't be this way, since the 1696 players on active rosters in the NFL are all professional football players. You'd assume the sum of the talent from any two of these rosters would be nearly identical. For the Vikings, something that has existed in our organization for the last couple of decades makes me fear these games more than any others.

I can only hope the players and the coaching staff keep our eyes on the road ahead of us, stay focused and avoid the trap.