Friday, September 27, 2013

Must Be Headed To England - Because It's Cassel Time!

The team announced that Matt Cassel will be starting for the Purple on Sunday. Based on the recent news about Ponder's rib injury, I'm sure the Steelers are not being by caught by surprise. This is decent news for the Purple, because it will give us a look at the current status of Cassel, as a starter, playing with the first team offense.

I think the biggest different this week will be due to the return of Adrian Peterson's BFF, Jerome Felton. The rookie, Zach Line, played very well in Felton's absence. But Felton is a Pro Bowl-caliber fullback and was a significant factor in AP's success last year.

Finally, a wager has been placed with good buddy at work who happens to be a die-hard Steelers fan. Based on the outcome of Sunday's game, the "loser" will be wearing a jersey of the winner's choice. Now... where did I put that pink "special edition" Vikings jersey???