Sunday, October 13, 2013

After The Bye

Our last game was 14 days ago and was played over 4000 miles from Minnesota. It seems so distant, but we've sure had plenty of stories. The team acquired a benched quarterback. It released a developmental quarterback. It benched a starting quarterback. And our franchise star running back began to deal with some terrible news.

In some circles, Adrian Peterson is referred to as "Purple Jesus". I believe this name reflects his otherworldly ability to come in, take the load on his back and save a situation. We don't often see a human side to Mr. Peterson, since the focus is normally what happens on the field. But this week, we've heard about a very real story that involves him. When this happens, it's hard for us - as fans - to deal with. We know how we would support a friend or family member in this situation. But when the people involved include one of the players we watch and root for, the story draws us in but doesn't really give us a way to provide help or comfort. I believe one way to do so is to embrace and protect the people around you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with AP, the folks affected and their families.

Skol Vikes!