Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Vikings Make Purple Magic with 2 Seconds Left

It's amazing to win at virtually the last second of the game. What's more amazing about today's Vikings win is that the winning touchdown pass was thrown and caught by two Vikings that were not Vikings a month ago. Now, both are Vikings and Vikings history.

Besides both joining Minnesota in September, both Viking newbies spent last season on the East Coast. Brett Farve arrived in Minnesota on Sept 18 (after being in New York last year) and Greg Lewis was signed on Sept 10 (Lewis was cut by New England after being traded from Philadelphia).

Now both will be Vikings together for recorded history. Captured are Brett's scrambling as time runs out with his throw to the right of the endzone and with him is Greg's reaching out around the defender placing the left and right foot just in bounds.

The newspaper might say "Farve Saves Day with 2 Seconds Left" but Brett has it absolutely right: He did not do it alone. The headline should be "Farve and Lewis Save Day with 2 Seconds Left."

The best part is that it was another team effort. Week 3 is another week in this team's journey as a team. That's the real Purple Magic.